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For audiences and groups interested in personal development programmes, David runs some popular and well-received one-day and evening programmes exploring ways to accelerate our development and fulfill our dreams.

Four Seasons (A personal journey through the year) - A framework through the year using storytelling, being out in the wild and coaching activities to support you with your personal life plan, to help you create the vision and identify the steps you can take to make the change you want to make to create the results you want to create. The four days take their themes from each season of the year and will include practical activity (indoors and outside) and conversations to create the environment to support participants in the changes they want to make.

'Digging Deep - developing strong foundations' draws on David's experience in Life Coaching and helps participants create effective strategies for healthy living, financial success, dealing with blocks or limiting beliefs and creating a vision that expresses their core values as well as creating an Integral Life Plan that they can take action on.

'Creative Living' - explores how we can access our own creativity and put it into action in our own lives.

'The Mindfulness Programme' - a short programme that uses meditation and other techniques from a variety of spiritual traditions to enhance peace, health and well-being. With regular practice of these techniques, your life will never be the same again!!!
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