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There are plenty of resources on my Blog. Materials you can use; ideas to spark your own thinking. And it's all free - just click through!

Let me know what you think. The link to my blog is below.

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 Coaching Takeaway 3 - Means Values v Ends Values
So you have had two weeks to make your list of Values; those things that are important to you in life. You should have a list of 5 - 7 ish. You may have put them in order of importance. So you have ne...

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 Coaching Take-Away 2 - Core Values
So, you have worked on your Vison for success and practiced it each day.

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 Coaching Insight - Create a Clear Vision
The Coaching Insights are a new initiative on my website. Simple chunks of coaching that you can take away and apply immediately in your life whether for work or in general. They will appear once ever...

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 Resources for Integral Development
Since the Spiral Dynamics Integral session in Cheshire a couple of weeks ago, I have been asked for some resources to support understanding of 'second tier' integral thinking and development. The book...

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 A creativity technique to generate ideas quickly
A technique to open yourself up to new ideas quickly. For more of these kinds of resources go to the website of creativity@work, the company I run with my friend and business partner, Andy Green. We c...

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