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  Why Does it Work ?
The coach will work with you on a regular basis. As a starting point s/he will listen fully to what you are saying (and what you are not saying!) and then share ideas, comments, views and (sometimes) advice on your situation or opportunity. Working with a coach will support you to develop new ways of taking action and new ways of seeing yourself and the situations you live in. In order to do this the coach will also have the skill to ask you the incisive questions that will enable you to challenge your own assumptions about yourself and your life, freeing you to think, feel and act in new ways. S/he will also be skilled in supporting you to set goals and reach them skilfully and effectively.

My clients work with me because they want to build on the successes they have already created for themselves in their personal and working lives, developing a fulfilling life path by finding out what is truly important to them and making it central to how they live and work. I support them to check that they have a strong personal foundation which includes health and well-being, financial mastery, happy fulfilling relationships and a sense of purpose and direction by honouring and living to their chosen key values. I work with them to take creative and innovative approaches to change and development.
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